Why Asset Tracking Software is Important for large Organisation.

Updated: Jan 23

A key part of the COO's/Asset Manager's/Asset Director's duty in a large organisation is to monitor the administration and tracking of the company's business important assets, which if not correctly kept in track may cost the firm hundreds or thousands of dollars on an annual basis.

With the organization's expanding asset base, spreadsheets asset tracking software has become not only time intensive to administer, but also provides little insight on such things as current asset position, and owner of the asset. This will definitely going to loose control.

PETRAN will help the customer in implementing a web-based asset tracking and data capturing tool for real time asset monitoring.

Option to scan and record assets using an iOS, Android Phone device, the system can utilise bar codes, including soon our BLE and RFID technology, to provide a complete solution to any asset tracking requirement. Now, large organisations will be able to confidently manage the collection and delivery of their reusable assets to customers.

#PETRAN will be able to cut expenses associated with replacing lost assets while also keeping an eye on the quality and condition of the object, which might catch fire. On a daily basis, PETRAN can confidently handle asset problems, returns, and reservations throughout the firm, regulating the assignment of assets to workers, vendors, and customers, and ensuring that no assets are missing. Every time an asset is issued or returned, the programme requests for a signature.

PETRAN will now have access to frequent and figural updates on the location and status of its asset at the click of a button, providing the much-needed visibility and accountability. Finally, Our Customers will be able to relax, knowing that real #AssetManagement's fully customizable solution will enable him to record detailed asset information documents and images, as well as conduct quick and accurate audits to gain better control of his asset base settable via any web browser.


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