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Video Analytics &
Artificial Intelligence

Petran offers video analytic and artificial intelligence platform that boost business solutions to optimize performance, cost and efficiency of companies. 

Video analytics is gaining traction as a means of protecting people and assets from damage by focusing on topics such as motion detection and pattern identification. Aside from assisting with surveillance operations, video analytics is gaining traction in retail enterprises for market analysis by producing datasets on a variety of characteristics such as footfall count, gender count, display effectiveness, trend analysis, and so on.

Our Video Analytics services and solutions are critical for ensuring security and establishing an effective monitoring system for operational efficiency. Our solutions use computer vision and machine learning to organise and make sense of any video material.

How video analytics used in tracking 

People Count Tracking 

Petran's people counting blends performance and usability. Over 95% accuracy, bi-directional count capabilities, and deployment flexibility make it an ideal solution for retail businesses of all sizes, shopping malls, banks, museums, and anyplace consumers must be counted.

Workplace Monitoring

The primary goal of workplace monitoring is to keep office assets and sensitive information safe. This necessitates the prompt detection and recognition of authorised and unauthorised personnel, as well as the tracking of their activities within the building, so that organisations may identify circumstances that necessitate an instant response, which will then necessitate interpretation and action.

Livestock Tracking

Using cameras and artificial intelligence, are used to accurately monitor the health of farm animals. Detailed observation using AI-powered picture analysis might allow for the early diagnosis of injuries and illnesses, which could have an influence on the amount and quality of output.

People tracking: crowd detection

Crowd Detection is a Petran's video analytic that calculates the number of people in a particular location in real time and raises an alarm when a certain quantity (capacity) or percentage of people (occupancy) is met. Crowd Detection is appropriate for public surveillance applications where the number of individuals must be tracked for public safety or service quality.

Asset Tracking

Pentran's left and removed asset detection is a video analytic that detects the existence of static assets in the field of vision.  This will aid with the tracking and auditing of fixed assets in confined areas such as building sites, manufacturing premises,  warehouses and vehicle  yards.

Face Recognition

When tracking people, it is sometimes necessary to know when not just any people, but the same person, entered and exited the building. Petran's Face Recognition may be used to recognise returning customers, locate known criminals or missing persons, and differentiate personnel from new consumers in such installations where the person's identification is also important.

Keep track of employee and consumer involvement at Kiosks in various retail malls and commercial places. Ensure that sales executives are present and engaged at the kiosk throughout operating hours.

Front of the store Customer attention tracking is used to assess the performance of window displays. This solution is used to assess the performance of the window display and assist the business in increasing client foot traffic in the store.