People Tracking

Using People Location Tracking System, you can improve safety and security.

Real-Time Location System assists companies in protecting their team members by boosting their safety, decreasing the time required for mustering and rescue operations, strengthening security, and streamlining location work hours reconciliation.

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Track and locate employees to guarantee their safety and productivity.

Tracking your employees may assist boost productivity, verify that they are not slacking off, establish variable compensation, and comply with data security standards, among other things. 

Every employee, contractor, or site visitor is given a tag that pinpoints their exact position in real time. The tag can appear on a regular visitor badge, such as those given out at conferences, or on a watch, such as those worn at public baths or aquaparks. Tags, similar to those used in athlete tracking, can also be applied to clothes as an option.

Same way allows the employers to easily monitor the whereabouts and safety of their one workers while they are on the job. If an emergency occurs, employees can notify their employer or emergency services, who will respond swiftly, preventing escalation and lowering the risk of danger to the lone worker.

GPS Petran

GPS Tracking

A simple way to track people outdoors. Track the real-time movements of your employees or salesmen while on a tour. An effective tracking mechanism for  lone workers, trekking enthusiasts, cyclists and people who work outdoors.  wearable GPS devices can be used by people to continuously monitor the body parameters.

BLE Petran

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an indoor real-time Location System (RTLS) that precisely tracks people's movements. It is one of the most significant indoor positioning technologies that has arisen and has become an industry standard that is supported on the majority of devices today.


RFID  Tracking

RFID people tracking is used to keep track of who is on the premises. Petran's IoT, cloud, and RFID-based system may assist in recognising individuals at various entry/exit points, allowing the system to determine the overall number of people present at various levels and places.


Video Analytics 

Video analytics for recognising and tracking human activity in interior spaces. Intrusion detection, wrong-way detection, people counting, and consumer behaviour analysis are some of the applications. Even in the presence of shifting light conditions and shadows, the analysis maintains its extraordinarily high accuracy.

People tracking  Petran

People Tracking using video analytics & video surveillance


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Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) allow persons and items to be located within buildings and in nearby outdoor regions in real-time. PETRAN offers a number of full-service options.

  • Moving object detection 

  • Tracker devices and applications to track people's whereabouts in shopping malls

  • AI-powered solutions for identifying, monitoring, counting, and evaluating human movements and behavior in the case of people trackers mainly in airport passenger traffic, public transportation, retail in-store analytics, and public utilities.

  • Video analytics for workplace productivity.

  • Occupational protection and employee safety 

  • Patient Safety.

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Guarantee the safety and productivity of your Employees