Livestock Tracking

Tracking animal movements, plot grazing patterns, theft prevention, disease control, reduction of manual work and quick animal identification. This not only saves money on veterinary services, but it also saves a lot of time.

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Livestock tracking has emerged and become more popular in recent years. Farmers can profit from this  Livestock monitoring technology in a variety of ways.  Farmers are quickly adopting this technology in order to save time by not having to perform things manually and instead focusing on other critical farm problems. The use of a GPS and BLE  tracking device for livestock has shown to be the most effective.

PETRAN for Remote Cattle Management and Monitoring

Through animal tracking with an IoT cattle collar, ear tag, or other comparable location-tracking devices with in-built GPS and geofencing capabilities, you can monitor the whereabouts and status of your livestock 365 DAYS.

What PETRAN offers you



This keeps your livestock safe and out of places they shouldn't be. It also keeps an eye on any theft or intruder activities. You will be notified by a system alert if one of your animals is moved from your area, and the system will notify you of the animal's exact location immediately. We use GPS, BLE and LoRaWan technologies to track the Livestock in real time. Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) can help the farm owners to take informed decisions at the earliest . 

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Livestock Real - time monitoring

Farmers can follow their cattle in real-time with a GPS cattle tracking system, so they don't have to worry about losing any of them. The animal is fitted with a GPS tracker collar or a cow GPS tracking ear tag or any tracking methods, which allows for tracking of the animal's movements. The GPS tracker sends an data to the cloud, informing you of your animal's whereabouts and physical condition. 

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Cattle health monitoring

Examining each livestock physically has been a difficult undertaking. It is not only time-consuming, but it is also possible that you will miss the true problem and its cause. Cattle tracking with GPS devices allows farmers to monitor their animals' health and send alerts if any of them get ill or injured.

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Machine learning for
livestock monitoring

Petran collects information on cow activity using sensors inserted in the ear tags or collar tags . The data supplied by these tags is then processed by our proprietary algorithm, which employs machine learning to determine if a cattle is unwell or in the reproductive cycle.

PETRANS Livestock Tracking Solution  

Livestock Tracking- Petran

Anytime anywhere 

Get a complete picture of your animals at any time and from any location.

Vital information

Gather vital information to better manage the health and safety of your animals

IoT network

Through our global IoT network, real-time data is presented through a user-friendly interface.

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