Indoor Tracking 

Petran is built to provide robust multi-building, multi-floor indoor Tracking and positioning experiences. Our platform provides a broad set of capabilities ranging from blue-dot step-by-step navigation to determining the exact position of assets and people, and our multi-screen access means your customers can interact regardless of where they are – at their desk, at home, or on the move.

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Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN)

Indoor positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN) is a system that uses wireless technologies such as Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband, and others to identify or monitor the location of assets and persons inside building and closed environments. It provides  with location analytics, navigation, mapping, way finding, asset tracking, and other services. Furthermore, it improves connection, gives effective and rapid access to accurate position, indoor location-based services to deliver proximity marketing, workflow optimization through asset and staff tracking, and enhanced indoor navigation and routing.

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People Location Tracking

Indoor People tracking may be beneficial in a variety of scenarios. On the one hand, safety considerations are important, such as in the case of lone workers and the evacuation of staff from major firm facilities.

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Indoor Asset Tracking

Indoor Asset tracking is in high demand, particularly in industrial, healthcare, and corporate settings. It is frequently important to establish the present position of work equipment or items, as well as their movements.

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Patient Tracking

Patient tracking might be useful in a variety of situations. Understanding patient movements and improving work processes for a better patient experience and monitoring critically ill patients. 

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Multi Floor Tracking

Petran's technology identifies when a user enters or exits a building, or changes floors, and effortlessly transitions to the appropriate map.

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Bluetooth Low Energy is the industry standard for
indoor location tracking today.

Bluetooth Low Energy and Beacons have emerged as the most appropriate indoor location tracking technology for these needs. In the meanwhile, contemporary AoA (Angle of Arrival) finding processes using Bluetooth-based technologies may achieve sub-meter accuracy. Until date, systems based on ultra wideband (UWB) technology have reached the greatest levels of precision. Because the price of a system, in addition to the granularity of location determination, plays a significant influence in the selection for a specific technology, and UWB is by far the most expensive technology, BLE currently offers significant benefits over UWB.

Using multi-mode trackers for both indoor and outdoor tracking

Multi-Mode Trackers are asset tags that can communicate using a variety of radio protocols. These multi-mode trackers always use the finest signal source available. When these trackers are outside of buildings, they automatically use GPS or LoRaWAN TDoA to determine their location.

When these trackers return inside, they immediately use Bluetooth low energy to find items or people. Machines and personnel can therefore be detected and monitored over an entire production site using a single tracking system.

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Understand the right technology for your Indoor Location Tracking