What Is The Benefit Of Construction Equipment Tracking?

Updated: Feb 22

Construction equipment tracking is one of the components of technologically advanced aspects of the construction industry. Construction companies' track their tools and equipment in such a way that allows them to run their operations more efficiently, as it has progressed from monthly inventories to real-time equipment tracking using petran's Asset performance management system.

Your tools and equipment are an integral part of your construction business . Therefore these must be given utmost care for the efficient function of your business

This is where you benefit from the Construction Equipment tracking software. Investing in this allows you to keep an eye over all your assets and ensure its smooth function. This is just an overview of how a tracking system could grow your business. Dig out the other various benefits from this article.

1. Construction Equipment Tracking Saves Time

A #construction worker wastes around one and a half hours to search on a daily basis for their necessary construction #equipment. Calculating the average wasted hours spent by a worker per month would be 42 hours. That's a huge time period gone from the productive time of the whole operation.

Here the need of a construction tracking system becomes handy to make sure the utility of your time as well as your assets. #Petran construction equipment tracking software helps the workers to find the location of tools from the asset register easily. All this is just a matter of a few minutes.

2. Construction Equipment Tracking Saves Money

The wasted time is actually the productive paid hours. So the wasted time actually means the wasted money you pay for idle hourly wages and asset maintenance costs.

Petran’s construction equipment tracking system helps to differentiate between what tool is needed and what is not through asset registers.

3. Construction Equipment Tracking boosts Accountability

Petrans #construction equipment tracking software helps your employee to boost their productivity and accountability, by #maintaining their #tools properly and keeping them safe. Hence Petran lets you avoid unnecessary purchases and saves your money directly.

4. Better Issue Reporting and Management

Construction businesses are vulnerable to issues regarding their assets or equipment. But with a #construction #equipment #tracking system, an employee could report the issue noticed on the tool immediately.

This preventive maintenance could save your time and money and also improves the #utilisation of #assets effectively.


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