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Tracking using IoT & AI

Get up to 500% Return on Investment 

Solution to Improve Asset Performance, Reliability & Accountability

IoT-powered asset tracking software enables you to quickly manage, track, monitor, and protect all important assets, as well as control how and when they are utilised and who has access to them.

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Asset Tracking software for greater ROI

Asset management software gives a return on investment in a variety of ways. When you track and manage your assets, you gain the following benefits:


Asset Performance Management

Petran provides intelligent asset management on a single platform, infused with powerful analytics, AI, IoT and industry-customized apps. 


People Tracking

Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) allow persons and items to be located within buildings and in nearby outdoor regions in real-time. 

Solution to Improve Asset Performance, Reliability & Accountability

Asset Monitoring

Remote monitoring from a centralised place, providing access from any location at any time via a single dashboard.

Advanced Reporting

Customized reports tailored to your assets/sites and delivered in the manner you want.

Integrate with Third Party Systems

Integrate with ERP, MES, and other systems to help organisations achieve total transparency.