Asset Tracking Software 

IoT and AI enabled asset tracking  and auditing solution for Enterprises

The method of tracking valuable assets by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology is known as IoT -enabled asset tracking. IoT & AI  asset tracking offers an automated, remotely managed, and linked way of monitoring and controlling geo-position and movement aspects of an asset's life cycle and operation using sensors, connected devices, and sophisticated data analytics.

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Get up to 500% Return on Investment 

Asset management software gives a return on investment in a variety of ways. When you track and manage your assets, you gain the following benefits:

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Increasing the performance, dependability, risk management, and overall profitability of industrial assets

Petran provides intelligent asset management on a single platform, infused with powerful analytics, AI, and industry-customized apps. This integrated suite gives a complete picture of your assets, whether on-premises or in a multicloud environment, to assist you in optimising performance, extending asset lifecycles, and keeping your business running and profitable.

The extensive functional pillars of PETRAN for Health, Reliability, Strategy, Integrity, and Safety may be utilised separately or in conjunction to give a holistic approach to asset and O&M management.

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Conduct audits to identify and eliminate inconsistencies.

Tracking the whereabouts of fixed assets, who has control of the assets, and when assets are due back. Checking out assets delegated authority to an employee, a customer, or even a vendor. Checking in assets frees up end-user responsibility and allows assets to be redistributed.

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Create Accountability and Insight Reports

Petran's reporting package provides dozens of popular, pre-built reports that assist manage assets and collect data-driven feedback right away. Users can also create bespoke reports tailored to their individual business and tracking requirements.

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Critical Intelligence Trigger Notifications

Receiving real-time feedback on asset-related occurrences inside your business keeps everyone informed. You may configure custom triggers in Petran's notification engine to save time and empower individuals with knowledge.

Manage Work Orders and Maintenance.png

Manage Work Orders and Maintenance

Quick maintenance enables end users to delegate maintenance jobs to particular assets ranging from heavy machinery to fleet cars to fire extinguishers. Work orders that are assigned to one or more persons, contain one or more assets, and demand the execution of one or more tasks can be generated.

The four important aspects of the finest asset tracking software  

PETRAN offers:


To receive robust ROI from asset tracking and tracing solutions, your connected devices and back end systems must be :

  • Constant connections

Data containing relevant insights on asset locations, temperature, functioning, or any other parameter tracked by your devices must be reliably and constantly transmitted from anywhere in the world.

  • Long-term and future-proof connection

Connectivity must be designed to be power-efficient and long-lasting for tracked devices that function in the field for many years - including on batteries. Remote upgrades should also be made feasible in order to address big fleets in various places and ensure that devices continue to perform properly and deliver data as intended.

  • Analytics and data

Industry demands precise, dependable, and real-time data to make educated decisions.

  • Complete protection

With devices tracking the location of high-value assets, businesses must ensure that linked systems are secure and that data from such devices is sent safely and securely.

Improve your ROI using 
IoT Enabled  Asset Tracking Software.