Tracking the Asset 
using IoT and AI

Performance - Tracking  - Analytics of Assets, People and Livestock 

Drive value for your business with quick and insightful decision. 

You can make better and faster decisions when you have complete visibility into your operations at your fingertips. PETRAN's Asset Tracking Software offers both actionable data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities  to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational efficiency.

Centralized & Live

Remote monitoring from a centralised place, providing access from any location at any time via a single dashboard.

Actionable Insight

Petran's cloud solution offers Insights for action from anywhere, anytime, and any device

Performance Management

Our technology improves visibility into the health and condition of assets while reducing downtime.

Business Value 

Assist in lowering the entire cost of acquiring, maintaining, and running assets, allowing for more efficient operation  and control.

Improve Performance, Reliability, Risk Management and overall Business Profitability using
Asset Tracking Software 

Gain real-time visibility into your organization's most critical assets and how they are performing at all times. Most firms use asset tracking software, such as Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS), to manage costly equipment, machinery, electronic devices, and other valuables in order to enhance operations and increase revenues.

Asset tracking software powered by IoT and AI allows you to easily manage, track, monitor, and secure all vital assets, as well as control how and when they are used and who has access to them. With complete visibility into the real-time locations and performance, your company will be able to increase operational efficiency and ensure people have the tools they need to perform at their best.

Our Technologies

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Do you want
to gain visibility
and improve profitability

Real-Time Remote Asset Tracking using IoT and AI capabilities allows you to obtain insight into your precious assets and enhance your return on investment.

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